Yassine Touati is an accessories designer from Morocco. After six years studying at the Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie in his hometown of Rabat, he moved to New York to pursue studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, focusing on Accessories.

Yassine’s Moroccan-Andalusian roots and traditions translate into an esthetic which transcends orientalist stereotypes. Drawing upon an array of historical sources and an archive of artistic references, Yassine has created a rich vocabulary from which to construct poetic harmony and perfection. His designs embody a passion for research, and represent a revival of a rich artistic heritage. His upbringing in a family with deep roots and traditions imbued him with the art and architecture of the Islamic world, deeding him a distinctive style, rich in colors, patterns, and symbols, incorporated with a high attention to detail. 

Working with leather, Yassine marries craftsmanship and technology, finding innovative ways to shape and sculpt his main medium, always conscious of its fascinating physical properties and cultural dimensions. The refined Accessories he creates emit an aura of serenity and timelessness. Yassine’s mission is to introduce his interpretation, his Moroccan esthetic, to the world of design.